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Kattar site turns 17

                               Written by: Jennifer Kattar

On the southeast coastline of the beautiful India
A location not very much in the media
Where the untiring waves of the Bay of Bengal
Keep slashing the shores in a frantic fugal
Lies the most exquisite coral gem
The place called Virapandianpatnam

Rich in art and architecture
Staunch in its unique culture
The towering churches by their ornately sculptured surface
Adorns the gathering place with grace
It is the cradle of many intellectuals and scholars
And sprinkled people all over as stars

Local culture visibly shaped by the faith - Catholicism
Resulting in Spartan lifestyles made vibrant by this charism
Self sufficient with schools and a hospital
Indeed a Post office and Library are vital
Governed by the local Panchayat comprising of a team
Roadways and railways connect to the mainstream

Fishing - a powerful income and employment generator
Ensures food security as a protector
Healthy and prosperous palm trees, tall and dwarf coconut trees
Provide with shelter, food, drinks, and many other needs
Though Agriculture being a treasure chest
The monsoon determines a bountiful, average, or poor harvest
Resistant against the awesome forces of nature,
This sanctuary offers peace as a goodwill gesture
This modest spot has spread the branches of its family tree
As boundless as the blue sky and as fathomless as the deep blue sea
Imprisoned in this ambience that engulfs me
 I am way too far, I agree

Pictures by: Vickram Babu



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