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Stella A Kattar

Happy Birthday Mum
April 21st



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A Very Special Birthday to a very Dear Mum

Our very dear Mum whom we call POWER HOUSE, on the day of our Dad's death had limited funds.

However through her prayers, determination and with Dad's help from above, got each one of us educated and settled. During times of financial hardship, she managed to bring our family through!

We recall the strength she displayed during difficult times. She faced fear with trust, overcame doubt with faith and transformed problems with love.

Her faithful God walked with her and helped her as she helped others, one  step at a time and one day at a time.

Dad and Mom gave us roots and wings, a solid foundation, and spiritual values that strengthen us today. Yes, we grew up in a supportive, loving family atmosphere.

Today, they are the POWER HOUSE that keep our family connected and secure.

How could we thank her enough ?