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How can I help

If you feel these little wonderful children needs your assistance and would like to help you can do that in several ways:


  • Donations    :You can make a cash donation at any time.
    Kindly make cheque payable to Sr. Superior, Mercy Home and mail it to: Sr. Superior, Mercy Home, Anaikarai-627 654, Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, India.

    Banking Information: A/C No: 030100050302945, TamilNad Mercantile Bank, Tisayanvilai.  IFSC : TMBL0000030

  • Tribute Gifts: You can honour someone on a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, promotion or signifant achievement.
    Simply send a short note with your check,  Please include the name and address of the one you are honoring and the loved one.  What better way to honor someone you love!


    Call the Mercy home at (01-91)4637-286607 and arrange for a day's meal.

  • Sponsorships for Mercy Home: By becoming a sponsor of Mercy Home, Anaikarai, 627 654 you will have the great satisfaction of knowing whom you are helping and how your money is used. You will become a missionary by helping the abandoned and downtrodden.  With a small sacrifice, you will have the real joy of securing a better future for many unfortunate people.

  • Our Present Needs: Multigym Apparatus, Multimodal Sensory Apparatus, Printing Machines, Computers, Triwheelers etc are some of our urgent needs besides seperate floors for the physically and the mentally challenged inmates.

Your donation will provide food, lodging and education for these adandoned people.  Please take a moment to give whatever you can afford.  Every penny collected will go directly to this home. 

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